Transgender. Queer. Creative. Passionate.

I work with queer creatives who struggle with imposter syndrome, fear and believing in themselves enough to pursue their creative passions and build a life where they are in control. 

I spent years in jobs that sucked me dry, ignoring myself and my creative dreams, and squashing down my identity before realizing I had to take back control of my life. I quit my job, and made life what I want it to be.

With me, you will be heard, seen, and supported and experience growth and confidence increases. 


I’m an unabashed nerd, geek and fan of comics, movies, and other pop-culture goodness, and I have a passion for costuming & fashion, travel, and animals.

I’m a helpful Hufflepuff with some Slytherin tendencies. I’m compassionate and creative, an old soul, I’m a liminal being and time seems to work weirdly around me.

I have experience in hotels, marketing, fashion, costuming, event planning, pop culture conventions, podcasting, community management, business administration, and more.

My hubby (Fiendish Thingy Art) and I travel to cons, and love to enjoy food and movies, and we keep rescuing animals.