Holy Crap, it’s 2020!

2020. Looking at it written down, it still doesn’t feel like a real thing. Growing up on sci-fi that took place in 2001, 2015, etc means that 2020 seemed like a distant thing. Yet here we are. It’s not quite the flying car and cloud city and spaceship future we expected, but if past us were shown the tech we have now, we’d still be amazed. Still a little disappointed at the lack of everyday flying/floating though, I think. 

Of course, there are other areas – politics, world relations, equality – where I believe past us would just look with disappointment at how we keep repeating the same cycles and failing to learn history’s lessons. We keep making small strides forward, yes, but just like the flying cars, I would have liked to be farther along by now. 

The year past

2019 felt very, very long. As with most years, there were highs and lows. I acknowledge that there were some huge hurts – Harrison’s dad passing, losing friends to depression, a couple failed shows, some big financial hits with car repairs, drama & stress among our friend group. These things were and are hard, and there has been a lot of processing and reflection. However, I am not here to dwell on those. I want to instead focus on the good that came in and from 2019. So in no particular order, here are the highlights.

  • What started as a few new clients has become much more. It’s been the culmination of a process of developing relationships and developing more specialized skills. I now have deep connections with those I work with and have grown in amazing ways over the past year. The bonus is getting paid to do work I love with people I love and believe in, and on my own schedule. 
  • I grew from just working FOR people to working with them. Instead of handing people a cooked fish, I am helping them learn how to fish and prepare it themselves. I provide tools and support and a place to lean and learn. 
  • The amazing journey with one client in particular has allowed me to break through my own barriers and grow so much, included finally stepping out of “someday” and beginning to actively start working on my clothing line. 
  • I read SO MANY books. The two most impactful however, which I would recommend to others, are Younicorn and How to Be Everything
  • We eliminated over 10k in debt
  • Harrison and I got to travel to New Orleans and explore and enjoy the city and it’s history together. 
  • We got to spend a lovely Christmas with family in California. 
  • We welcomed another rescue kitty into our family.
  • We watched two dear friends get married.
  • We were able to host friends and family in our home.
  • We’ve spent the year turning our rental residence into a comfortable home we love, and exploring our area, and building community and friendships. 

The new year

I’m hitting the ground running, I have so much momentum on my projects and work and ideas. 

  • For the clothing line – fabric has been ordered and I’m working on the patterns for the sample garments as well as the graphic design for the upcoming fundraiser rewards. 
  • For my coaching business – I’ve got several new clients starting the year with me and I’m excited to see how we grow together
  • For my work – I am loving the way my role keeps expanding and growing and I’m ready to see what this year brings.
  • For Harrison’s art – we’re excited to do even more shows this year (a lot in the Pacific Northwest) and I’m loving watching him step into more art he’s passionate about
  • For our home – we’ve finally set up a good plan to split the chores and both feel like we’re contributing to keeping our living space clean and comfortable. We also used holiday gift cards to get a fancier shower head and new bedding. 🙂 
  • For our finances – we’ve set up auto-deposits into savings and investments (paying ourselves first) and we have a plan to pay off the majority of our remaining debt this year (hopefully leaving only our student loans for 2021 and beyond). 
  • Every year I start with a fresh “Current Feels” playlist on Spotify, feel free to check out what I’ve got for 2020 so far!

What are you ready to build and create in 2020? 

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