Just over a year ago (June 9, 2018) was my last day with my traditional employer. I loved the people and the idea of what I was doing. I built amazing relationships, and got to be part of some very awesome experiences. However, the hours, physical and mental stress, and low pay were taking a toll.

Just under a year ago (about June 20, 2018) I took on my first large-scale, ongoing VA client (as opposed to the short projects and as-needed clients I had on the side before).

There have been ups and downs, moments of extreme joy and extreme frustration. There have been months of abundance and months of extreme, terrifying scarcity. However, the good far outweighs the bad.

I’ve replaced and increased my income, while working less hours. We moved from a small shared, crowded apartment in expensive LA to a 2 bedroom of our own with access to an additional creative studio space in Portland. I’ve seen a marked improvement in my health (including mental health). Harrison and I have been able to spend more time enjoying nature and local experiences, and have plans for more.

Currently I am supporting authors, educators, creatives, and visionaries, and love what I’m doing for each as well as being passionate about what they are each doing and creating. I’m able to chose and curate what relationships I want to build professionally instead of accepting work for the sake of work.

This week, I began working with another client who will round out my existing roster and make me as full time as I want to be while still keeping my schedule as flexible as I want and need it to be to still travel with Harrison for conventions and for fun.

As our income needs are being met by these current clients, I now have the free time and the energy and capacity to help with things I’m passionate about such as supporting my local queer community, local neighborhood, and local artists & creatives. I have the desire and energy to capacity to return to working on my sewing designs and supporting Harrison’s art.

I am beginning to see the fruit of the affirmation/mantra I have been saying every morning for months now – “I work when I want, where I want, and with the people I want to work with”.

This is just me, taking the time to acknowledge that a LOT can change in a year, and to celebrate how far I’ve come. It’s a good reminder to always look at everything, because we get so caught up in the daily grind that we often don’t stop to see or acknowledge the good.

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