Okay, website weirdness seems to be sorted so I’m BACK!

Awesome Con was really…weird? But good?


So the actual traffic of Awesome Con was a weird pattern.

Friday was really dead. I mean REALLY dead. Since it was our first time at this show, we didn’t know what to expect or what is normal for the show. Fridays of a 3 day show are traditionally a little slower, but this seemed excessive. After talking to some other vendors who HAVE been before, they confirmed that Friday is usually slow but this was worse than normal. It wasn’t until we left the show that evening that we found out it had been pouring rain most of the day and there was even a few tornado warnings! So Friday was a bit of a bust. The few sales we made were definitely to attendees with Friday-only badges.

Saturday picked way up, and Sunday was also better than last days usually are (people who said “I’ll come back” actually DID!).


All in all, our income was strongly in the “medium” category for shows. For being a show we have to travel long distances to, we’ll need to find ways to limit expenses and also maximize our time (thinking about bundling a few East Coast shows next year so we fly once). That being said, the consensus from many vendors we talked to is that this was a slow/weird year sales-wise, and that it seems to fluctuate back and forth each year.

In terms of the con, the staff, the vibe and people, we ABSOLUTELY want to do this show again. We met a lot of great vendors, connected with some old friends, and made new friends and new fans!

We were new to this show, so this was a “letting people know who we are” show, and Harrison is in the middle of a refocus and rebrand, so he has a little less inventory as we refine his offerings.

So all in all, it sounds like it was a slightly slower year for many vendors this year, but it’s a great community and we are absolutely willing to try it again!

Also, exploring food and destinations in DC was a lot of fun, and we already have places we want to return to eat at again and a list of places to try next time. Seeing Endgame was…a thing that happened. I’ll be processing that for a while.


We were SUPPOSED to be leaving in a few weeks for New Orleans and Big Easy Con, but that has now been postponed to November (this works out for us as we were worried about the finances, but I acknowledge that it has thrown a LOT of other attendees and vendors for a nasty loop with rescheduling so close to the con dates).

Our new plan is to make that show our anniversary vacation that happens to have a few days of convention and money making in the middle of it. 😉

Now we have a slight break until the end of June, which is a local show with no travel costs so those ALWAYS make me feel more optimistic.  

Expect regular posts again now that the site is un-fucked. Still have some artist interviews coming, and a bunch more mindset-of-business-and-creative-lifestyle content.

Also expect more sewing as during Awesome Con all my creative energy suddenly came back in a big way and I’m on fire to finish some old projects and get back on my gender-less clothing ideas. 🙂

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