AAAAAAAA, we leave for AwesomeCon tomorrow!!!!


Ahem. I mean, we’re totally prepared and calm. Pfft.

Really, it’s just the normal last minute prep and packing and being absolutely convinced we’re forgetting something. When it’s a driving-distance show, we can keep throwing small things in the car until the last minute, or possibly stop on the way and grab things. But with flying across the country to a show, we’re already trying to condense as much as possible in terms of luggage, so I admit I’m pretty paranoid we’re going to forget something important.

We haven’t done AwesomeCon before so here’s hoping it goes well! We’re rooming with other local-to-here art friends who are doing the show, and have a dear friend coming up to visit and help out (and suffer through Avengers Endgame with us – another thing I’m very not prepared for), so at least we’ll know 3 people.


In other news, aging and not moving as much as I should are catching up to me a bit. My doctor put me on blood pressure medication, and they took many vials of blood to test for some other issues, so I’m definitely trying to pay better attention to my food intake and making sure I get plenty of exercise walking Milo.

Look at that face!

You’ve heard the adage “you’re only as old as you feel”? Well, with various health issues and newer aches and pains, I’m starting to feel it. It’s not a particularly fun thing. I know I’m not that old, but sometimes I forget that I’m past 40 now.


I’ve been slowly making more time for sewing again, and it feels good making progress on projects that got waylaid with…life. I was on a group call the other day and we got talking about doing little things to inspire joy in yourself and others, like wearing things that make you happy. I keep thinking about that, and realizing that 90% of my current wardrobe is less about “I like this” and more about “it fits, it’s comfortable, it’s washable, and it was cheap”. Since I’ve been back to sewing more, I think what I want to do is go on a thrift store spree and find clothes that I can use parts of and piece together to make new clothes that bring me joy. I have a whole notebook of clothing designs, and even if I don’t have the resources to build from scratch right now, I think I can get pretty close by reconstructing existing pieces.

So sewing, travel, and health/aging. Mix in some crazy pets and a lot of client work, and that pretty much sums up the state of my world right now. Look for an AwesomeCon wrap up/post con report next week!

And if you’ll be at AwesomeCon in DC this weekend, come say hi at P-04 in Artist Alley!

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