So if you’re a regular follower of mine, you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a blog post in a few weeks. And also, that my social media went largely silent for a time, until suddenly we were at Emerald City Comic Con last weekend. Now I am slowly getting back into my scheduled and planned content and habits.

We had a very, very unexpected death in the family. It has had a huge impact and our lives will never be the same. We got the news while setting up at Nerdfaire the first weekend in March. Still managed to get through the day (with love and support from our con family), and then dropped everything to travel and deal with the aftermath and the things that needed to be handled and to be with family. I came home just to spend two days on more home logistics and packing up the inventory for Seattle and drive to ECCC. Harrison flew straight to Seattle to join me there. Again, our con family made the difference between just going through the motions, and feeling love and support and being able to have some fun. I am forever grateful to this network and family we have built through these shows.

I am one of those people that plans their content. I tend to have several blog posts prepared or at least mostly completed so I can drop them in as needed. The same with links to share on social media. So I had content I easily could have scheduled during the down time, but no matter what the topic, it all seemed wrong, shallow, bad timing, flippant…I was too deep in the emotions connected to just post like everything was normal. I thought about addressing things, but again, everything was too fresh and too raw and I had no idea what to say.

But now, life must go on. I will give our reviews/recaps of both Nerdfaire and Emerald City next week. I have a few new artist interviews in the works. I am getting back to work on my online course and working on a book idea. My clients and I are getting caught up on work and projects. This week, our shared creative space, Shopheim, is moving to a new building. Life keeps moving. Things continue.

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has been around and been there for us, especially for Harrison. Our community of friends and our found family through this life has been a lifesaver.

You’ll probably continue to see an increase in posts and sharing about being present in your life, because mindset and mindfullness are such important parts of living this creative life and a huge part of our WHY, it’s to enjoy life on our terms and spend time with the people that matter, and boy is spending time on what’s really important hitting home right now.

Live in the moment, enjoy the present, and be giving with your love. Take nothing for granted.

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