It’s Thanksgiving week, and I have (mostly) been taking it easy, as I just wrapped up a MASSIVE 8-week project/bootcamp that, much to my surprise, pretty much took me apart and put me back together.



If you’ve been following me recently, I’ve made off-hand mention of my productivity coach. But really, it’s so much more.

While on the surface Carey & Demir may market themselves as productivity coaches, there is a reason their program is called Lifehack Bootcamp – it doesn’t just increase your productivity, it changes your whole life! If you are even remotely interested in getting better with your time management and productivity or just tired of overwhelm, I strongly suggest you check them out! They have everything from free classes and a great YouTube channel to super intensive programs (like the one I just wrapped up).

(Side note: If you’re a tv geek like me, you may think Demir looks familiar. Actually, if you’re like me, you will be CONFUSED FOR WEEKS why your new coach seems so familiar until you decide to rewatch the Agent Carter musical dream sequence on a whim and then go…OH. So yes, he seems familiar because he has a twin brother who is an actor.)

Anyway, I’ll write a proper review of the whole experience later, but for now my point is it was AWESOME, my brain EXPLODED, and I’m on a mandated week off from crazy project work per Demir’s orders. 🙂


Of course, I’m still working with all my clients and keeping all of their balls rolling, so I’m by no means taking a vacation (and I AM still writing and publishing this blog post) but I’m letting most of my other stuff just sit so that I can relax and enjoy time with friends and family and entirely too much food.



I feel like it’s important to note that I know Thanksgiving as a holiday is problematic. However, I do appreciate the idea of a day to focus on gratitude and the things we are thankful for, and the time spent with people we love, whether related by blood or by bond.

In the last year, more than ever, I’ve realized the importance of reflecting on and expressing gratitude each day. There is plenty to be upset by and worried about, so taking time every day to really focus on what’s good is important to my mental health and continued functionality. Until everyone else lives in gratitude instead of saving it for once a year, I’ll take the holiday.

Also, as someone who has WORKED almost every holiday for the last umpteen years, the idea of being able to actually sit around in my pajamas and watch the Macy’s parade live on tv IS appealing.


In the spirit of sharing, here are just a few of the things I am thankful fo:

  • Being able to afford extra food
  • Being able to share it with friends and family
  • Having that community locally to spend time with
  • Having a beautiful new place to host that community in
  • Enjoying this new chapter and adventure side-by-side with my hubby.
  • Having clarity and new plans to move forward into 2019
  • Everything WAHS and Lifehack Bootcamp for getting me to where I am now.


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