…in which I have a minor epiphany by seeing what’s right in front of my face, and we are woefully unprepared for Geek Girl Con and it’s okay.

We’re heading off to Geek Girl Con in Seattle in a few days (I really should start packing). If you’re attending the con, be sure to stop by Fiendish Thingy Art at Artist Alley 732 at to say hi! I don’t know about Harrison, but I’m feeling completely unprepared for a show. I am, however, super excited to be in Seattle and around all the awesome people at Geek Girl since I’ve had to miss it the last two years! Especially in light of the continued horror show that is the news cycle – we really need the good affirming community time right now. We’ll hold each other up and help keep each other strong and we’ll keep fighting.

Every damn time I look at the news…



I mentioned at the end of last week’s post that I had actually gotten some clarity. I had a call with my productivity coach where we went over my “Life Map” together because I felt like I was spinning in circles on it. It read like a GREAT marketing plan for my admin business, but I felt no emotion with it. I wasn’t fully connecting. So my coach started asking some leading questions and letting me just blurt things out in response.As he was poking my brain, and while I was blurting out the first honest responses, he was writing things down. Forming my random thoughts into a paragraph. At the end of the session, I looked at what he had written and it felt more real and more RIGHT than it had before. Using my own words, he formulated something amazing. What was different about this version compared to my original? In fact, it was the thing that was now missing from it – the focus on my business.

Yes, I love what I do. Yes, I want to keep helping people. Yes, the more money I make the easier it is to “retire” Harrison from his day job. I have a million ideas of ways to help people and even a list of people I’d love to support if I have the chance.

But if I’m being honest about the number one place my passion and attention wants to sit right now, it’s with Harrison and with our comic and with growing Fiendish Thingy Art. So once I rewrote my plans so that all my major priorities and action steps are in conjunction with or revolving around Fiendish Thingy Art, our web comics, and being a true partner in business AND life to Harrison, it all started clicking into place.

It makes sense on another level, too. In our weekly group call for the coaching group, someone said something – If you want to change your team, show them you can change yourself. It ties in to what I said previously about being more transparent about our status. We aren’t THERE yet. We haven’t “made” it. We’re still on the path. I’m not here to say “do this and you’ll be rich and successful!”, I’m here to say here’s what’s worked and is working for us, here’s cool useful information I found, and here’s where we still need to improve. What better thing could I do for all those I want to help, all of you creative business people, then show you we are improving? And show you HOW as we’re doing it.

And if I’m buried in my own stuff, like marketing my admin services, I’m not helping the art biz and I’m not spending time with Harrison, and I’m losing the point of why I originally started on this path.

I want to help everyone. It’s a Hufflepuff problem. Or just a me problem.


But most of all, I started on this path to help Harrison’s business and help improve his life, which in turn affects my life. We have visions of him being a full-time artist and traveling more and just spending our life enjoying each other and supporting the art and queer communities, and rescuing some more pets along the way.

Oh, did I mention? We’ve been married 3 years as of today. <3

Harrison Aiden wedding kiss
Ewwww, look at these nerds.

So all of this is to say I’m staying in business and I’m still doing what I do, but I’m a lot clearer on where my priorities should be focused. So if you also follow Harrison, you’ll probably start seeing a lot more promotion of his stuff, a lot more activity on his feeds. And more stuff we’re working on and sharing together.

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