New Year’s Eve, 2017. We made it. It’s almost over, and we can slam the door behind us.

There will be a longer post about what’s ahead for 2018 later this coming week, but today I’m looking back for one last time before I slam the door, lock it, and throw away the key. 2017 was another roller coaster of a year. There were some highs, and also a lot of lows. It was brutal. It kicked a lot of our asses physically and mentally.


For me personally, it was about learning a lot of things I didn’t know I needed to learn, a lot of things I really didn’t want to learn, and a lot of really getting to know myself. It gave me promises and hopes and then ripped them away only to give me other things entirely that I wasn’t expecting. Nothing that I planned happened, and everything that I didn’t plan DID. I was forced to let go of the false idea that I had control, and really step back and examine how I approach everything. It was a year that has wrapped up with a lot of internal change for me, which means 2018 will be a year of translating that to external, visible change.


For all of us, the takeaway I want to share is that 2017 tried to destroy us, but instead turned us into fighters, rebels all. We survived. We persisted. So while we absolutely cannot STOP fighting, it’s time to take that angry energy and channel it into building the world we want and deserve. Clearly no one else is going to do it. 2017 did not win, we move forward. And 2018 will be a fucking amazing year because we all, collectively, refuse to let it be anything else.

Now whether you plan to party tonight or spend a quiet night at home with the pets (we’re still slightly undecided as to which ourselves), take a few to reflect on the year behind you and find the good and the bad and what it means for you. And then set the determination to take what you’ve learned to kick 2018’s ass.

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